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What your Patrons Are Asking

Teri Lynn Bullock, Customer Service Specialist

What your Patrons are asking Unique Management Services (UMS) and how we respond.

Unique Management Services, has a customer service department that handles questions, troubleshooting and training strictly for your library staff members. However, we also have a department at UMS that takes incoming calls from your library patrons.

When patrons call UMS, they may ask why Unique National Collections is listed on their credit report as one of their debtors. We ask for the name of the patron and confirm that the person calling is the actual patron. We then look up the name in our accounts to identify which library owns the debt for the patron. We then read them the Mini-Miranda, “this is an attempt…” We will let them know that they have a debt with the library and give them the name of the library and a phone number to contact the library.

Patrons sometimes ask about the title of the materials checked out from the library. We let the patrons know that we do not have that information at UMS in order to maintain their privacy. We direct patrons to contact the library for title information.

Patrons may claim they have returned the materials to the library and ask why there is still a balance on their account. We direct the patron to contact the library to see if there are outstanding fines or fees on their account or additional materials that may not have been returned damaged.

Patrons may ask if they can make payment to UMS over the telephone. We let the patron know that we do not take payments at UMS. We direct them to the library to make payments.

Patrons may call and ask if an account may be removed from the credit bureaus. We respond that if a patron has an account with the credit bureaus and resolves the account by returning materials and/or paying the balance due on the debt, then their credit bureau account will show as ‘Paid In Full’ with the credit bureaus. We further explain the only time UMS will remove an account from the credit bureaus is if the account was sent in error to UMS. Examples would be if the materials were found on the shelf, if the account was sent to collection in error, or if the account was attached to the wrong person.

If a person states they have never used a particular library, then we ask the patron to put their dispute in writing and fax it to 812-285-0895. We ask them to include their full name, including middle initials, titles maiden name, aka names (if applicable), current address, phone numbers, date of birth and social security number in order to thoroughly investigate the account. Once the written dispute is received, UMS will take the appropriate steps to investigate the claim and resolve the dispute.

There are many questions that come to UMS every day, and as you see, we answer many questions, but also direct your patrons back to the library to resolve their accounts and regain good standing with your library.

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