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Help is Just a Phone Call Away

Rob Klaus, Director of New Business Development

How does your library handle patron phone calls? Do the phones ring constantly at your circ desks? Branch staff overwhelmed when trying to juggle both foot-traffic and phone calls from patrons? Do you have a handle on why and for what reason your patrons call your library? Unique Management is exploring services designed to help libraries answer the phone. For many years, we’ve been told by our library customers that we help define the very meaning of customer service to them; so hey, maybe we can help you!

We are in the process of developing a SIP2 or Patron API interface that would allow us to interact with your ILS. When a patron calls the library, this service could potentially off-load some of the basic question and answer processes that occur such as verifying account details, renewing items according to library policy, paying fines, even assisting with placing items on hold. This would be totally separate from our material recovery service and would be managed and staffed by separate UMS staff.

Providing a centralized call center, designed to provide the utmost in customer service to library patrons for basic questions and answers, will allow your existing library staff to truly FOCUS on the things they need to in order to provide top-notch library specific service.

If you are interested, or have any thoughts on the idea, we want to hear from you! Please email Rob Klaus, Director of New Business Development at, or call 800-879-5453.

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