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Thank You Once Again

Nicole Atkins, President & CEO

We Are a Part of the Twitter-nation!
Unique Management Services, Inc., has recently joined the ranks of social networking by creating a Twitter account. For those of you not yet familiar with Twitter, it is a free service that allows anyone to “communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” While our membership is still in the infancy stages, we hope to use this as a means of communicating with our clients. In order to do so, we encourage you to follow our updates. If you already have a Twitter account, please search for us: @UniqueMgmt and become one of our followers or “tweeps.” If you do not have a Twitter account, feel free to join the site, it is free ( We look forward providing updates and hope to hear from you.

Thank all of you for making UMS’ annual customer survey such a rewarding experience, as usual. You gave us a record-high overall rating of satisfaction — 5.71 on a scale of one to six! As gratifying as that score is for us at Unique, its true value is that it reinforces our commitment to continually seek ways to improve our service to you. Toward that end, your ratings throughout the survey and your many thoughtful suggestions gave us a lot to consider in putting your feedback to work.

To help you better understand exactly how we use your feedback, I’d like to share with you our process following completion of the survey.

First, results and all accompanying customer comments are presented to the members of our management team and to our owners for thorough review and analysis. We look for trends and compare results with previous years’ results to gauge any changes, up or down, for each area of our service. Are there any common themes or recurrences of questions from last year? Do questions or suggestions indicate a need for training? Are we meeting or exceeding your expectations for material recovery, patron goodwill and return on investment? Do you find our service and monthly reports easy to use? In general, is there anything we need to change or add to exceed your expectations?

After we’ve analyzed your input we develop action plans and timetables for implementation. If a particular library identified itself in the survey with a question or suggestion, a UMS customer service specialist will respond individually, right away.

Our aim, always, is to be responsive to your needs and to adjust our service to changing conditions.

Next, we follow our customer survey with an in-depth employee survey to measure how employees feel about their jobs and missions of service. The important thing about this survey is to correlate your satisfaction with employee job satisfaction.

This is obviously important for our employees, but it is also important for our customers. High morale promotes teamwork, responsiveness, proactive service and creates a nurturing environment for our relationships with you. As with the customer survey, the management team carefully analyzes employee feedback and develops formal responses and action plans to ensure an optimal working environment at UMS. And the proof is in the pudding — our annual rate of employee turnover is less than 3%.

The concept, of course, is to maintain a feedback loop among customers and team members to guide our efforts toward continual improvement in all facets of our service to you. The side benefit is that it’s great fun! The annual “lottery” that accompanies the survey really gets the juices flowing! And it’s a joy for us to help Friends of Library associations, no matter who wins.

So, thank you so much for allowing us to serve you and for giving us your precious opinions and feedback. Remember: it doesn’t have to be through an annual survey. We are here at any time for your suggestions. Just give us a call!

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